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Tuning  Servicing  Toning/Voicing

Tuning:  Many people believe that if the piano is tuned then that is it, job done, well maintained! That, however, is as absurd as  saying if you check your tyre pressures regularly then your car has been properly maintained. Tuning is only a part of your piano's maintenance requirements.

Traditionally domestic pianos would be tuned four times a year to coincide with the four seasons. Piano tuning is mostly affected by variations of humidity, temperature, atmosphere and, to some extent, the type of use the piano sustains.

We would expect a good piano tuning to withstand all but the very heaviest of playing and react minimally to the varying conditions.  Pianos, however, eventually go out of tune and some pianos sooner than others; our piano tuner, piano technician will advise on a tuning progamme to benefit your piano's requirements.

This will depend on the amount and type of playing the instrument has sustained. A busy concert venue will have its piano serviced at least annually, sometimes monthly. Pianos played  'just for pleasure' may need servicing at three to five year intervals. Our Steinway trained technician will discuss your piano servicing programme individually.

When we look after pianos overseas, we usually visit twice yearly and attend at least half a day on each piano - sometimes a full day, or more if the piano needs additional servicing or repair work. We have been able keep pianos well maintained through this formula, especially those that have sustained colossal amounts of work between our visits. We make a judgment of the schedule of work and if something more major needs doing, attend to it over a few visits.  We have found that once we stabilise the tuning, it lasts well between visits. If the tuning does wander with changes of humidity and temperature, it usually comes 'back in' after a short period.

A one day piano service: This piano will be new, recently reconditioned or very well maintained and in good condition. The work will include cleaning the interior, servicing the pedal mechanism, reshaping the hammers as required, adjusting the regulation and toning/voicing.

A two to three day piano servicing : Your piano has now had good use for three to five years. In addition to the one-day service, it is likely we would need to attend to repinning the action flange centres and/or rebushing the keys and/or regulating the dampers.

A four to five day piano service: This piano has received hard wear or little maintenance for a number of years. In addition to the work above, we may need to include restringing the top two sections of strings and replacing the worn action leathers and felts.

A six to seven day piano servicing: Your piano has received no maintenance, apart from tuning, for a great number of years: vital materials are wearing out and now need restoration, however, the soundboard and strings are in a serviceable condition.
In addition to the work described above, we may need to fit new hammers and shanks,
voice the hammers, reweight the keys, and also replace the key damper lift felts and key check leathers if required.

"Dear John, This is to thank you for your amazing work you have already achieved on my piano.
These last two days, I have got enough time to play on it, and I can straightforwardly tell you, I have really enjoyed a lot. This refitted piano sounds as never it has been. More than that, it already surpasses all of the Bechsteins  I have ever tried in  France, in Germany and in Switzerland".
Pierre Tran -The Art of the Piano - Petersfield UK -  Bechstein concert grand circa 2009 and Bechstein upright
"Dear John
I can't help telling you how much I am happy with your work!   As you may know I am doing a lot of research on the way to produce a wide range of different sonorities. Your work achieved is leading me to a more refined world which is simply delightful.
I can sum up the updated features of my Concert Grand as a surprising mix between a Steinway Concert Grand and an old Bechstein of the Golden Days........ Thank you one more time for your really outstanding work......."
Pierre Tran -The Art of the Piano - Petersfield UK -  Bechstein concert grand circa 2009 and Bechstein upright

Repairs  Restoration Rebuilds Repolishing

The client 'assisting' John here is a fine jewellery maker for eminent clients throughout Europe, and asked if he could apply his skills to his piano. He soon realized, however, that the skills of piano repair and piano restoration are vast and best left to the people who know!
Piano repairs and piano restoration (piano rebuild) follow on from our appraisals, and sometimes from our piano servicing or piano tuning visits. Each piano will require different degrees of attention, the possibilities are immense, too many to describe here.  Our technicians are fully qualified to advise on the best and most cost effective work that your piano may require.

A full piano restoration or piano rebuild would include items from the following list:

Action replacement or overhaul
New hammers and shanks
Damper felt replacement
Damper mechanism overhaul
Keys and key frame overhaul
Tuning pin plank replacement
Soundboard repair or replacement
Regilding the iron frame
Pedal overhaul
Damper installation and regulation
Action and key regulation
Tuning and voicing

Key reweighting

repolishing, piano refinishing and case repairs. We suggest you go to the 'Professionals' and logon to the PT Polishers website, where you will find a very competent team to look after the case of your piano.

"Dear John, Thank you for restoring my piano!  I have never enjoyed playing on it as much as I do now, it responds beautifully and I have learnt how to play softly without effort!  My stretch on octaves appears to be easier  as well.  All I can say that it is a joy to play on.   Best wishes and thank you again".  RF Northampton - Steinway model 'B' grand ebonised high gloss

"Dear John   Thanks for doing such a tremendous job on my piano. I'm astounded by the evenness of tone and the way it is so much EASIER to play - pianissimo passages are now a doddle! It feels like an entirely new instrument. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays in over the next few weeks, it is a revelation".  SP Brussels 
- Steinway model 'B' grand ebonised satin

To: Mr John Ross Thank you for working on the 2 Steinways and bringing them back to their glorious sound!
 J&CC Manila Philippines - Steinway Model 'B' grand ebonised high gloss and Steinway Model 'O' Louis XV walnut satin

Appraisals  Advice

Appraisals: :
From experience we find that, from the humble beginner to the renowned pianist, technical piano knowledge remains largely limited.

The 'inner' world of the piano, it's workings, its requirements and potential pitfalls are a complete mystery to all but a few.

We appraise each grand piano and upright piano with extreme diligence and sound, reliable advice is offered to all of our clients, from the very young to the very famous.

Reasons vary for getting a written appraisal for your piano.  It maybe for an insurance valuation or before placing it into storage. It helps with inventory replacement and restoration choices and the ability to make an informed decision before a purchase.  Or to receive a quotation for piano servicing, piano repairs, full piano restoration or simply as an ongoing condition report. Our reports are detailed and thorough.

We will offer advice whether a particular instrument  has potential for long term investment or should be replaced. If the latter, we are happy to assist in choosing your next new or secondhand piano and can accompany you to the showroom on that important day.
We can advise on the best piano for the size and accoustics of the room,  also give advice on temperature and climate requirements of your piano room and how best to look after your valued instrument.

"John   Very pleased indeed with the piano. Thanks for sorting out those C sharps in particular. Also, you've done a brilliant job on my sister's one, which was the one I learnt on. Thank you so much". JP Highgate - Grotrian Steinweg grand ebonised

"Dear John  I am a pupil of M.....'s and she has passed your contact details to me (with a very high recommendation)'. CJ London
- Sauter grand mahogany

"Dear John,  Thank you so much - I have a completely 'new' piano!  It sounds beautiful, and I can play it quietly now.  You have done a wonderful job". VR Hampstead - Steinway model 'K' upright rosewood

"Thank you, John.  You pulled the piano back from disaster and I am  grateful and relieved.  I shall now enjoy playing.  Many thanks again".  MC London -
Steinway model 'B' grand rosewood

"The piano sounds great, I have much enjoyed playing it over the weekend. Many thanks for your work: The heirloom has received a new lease of life".  PR Wimbledon - Steinway model 'M' grand mahogany

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