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Global Piano Services

John is proud to have joined forces with Glenn Easley and the finest technicians worldwide to form
Global Piano Services Ltd

The team has been highly successful in providing top class, high quality services to Steinway owners and Steinway venues throughout the world.

Global Piano Services is a unique team comprising some of the world's most experienced independent concert piano tuners and technicians. United to provide the highest level of technical service to concert halls, conservatoires of music and homes around the world.

The team combines 300 years experience of rebuilding, servicing and advising on the world's finest concert instruments. They maintain pianos in some of the world's most prestigious concert venues and music conservatoires.

Now based across three continents, the technicians reach out to venues and homes from the UK and continental Europe, to America, Asia, Australasia.

John  "The word from the musicians is that you have done a wonderful job. Thank you so much. If you make it to France I promise you lunch!" A&J W London  Steinway model 'O' grand rosewood.

John! "You have done a really wonderful job on the two pianos.
Furthermore, I think that the concert grand has fully unveiled its true personality......
As you know, I hate the brightness of the the modern Steinway and at the same time I feel that something is missing on old Bechstein instruments: a kind of crispness.
In fact, with this piano, you have made a bridge between the past and the present, taking the best of the two". 
PT  Bechstein artist - Bechstein concert grand ebonised

Working Overseas

John's technical reputation takes him to  countries far and wide and often to some unique settings, for example:

John was asked by Steinway to visit Beirut just after the 20 year civil war to prepare a concert grand Steinway for the revival of their Music Festival. Although there were frightening moments at the bombed out Beirut airport, when John was not sure whether he was being kidnapped, the trip proved to be successful. He encouraged the organisers of the festival to purchase a new Steinway concert grand, which John proudly installed the following year.

John unpacked, transported and prepared Steinway concert grands for Steinway artist, Yorkshireman John Briggs in Jordan's Roman amphitheaters of Jerash and Petra. Ross also assisted John Briggs's during his USA tour that included televised concerts on the edge of the Grand Canyon and a rodeo arena in Tuscon Arizona. Followed by Briggs's concerts on the Cunard flagship Queen Elizabeth II and Carnegie Hall New York.

For a number of years John prepared the two Steinway concert grands for Steinway artists Nettle and Markham, at the Moura Lympany music festival in Rasiguères in the French Pyrenees

Numerous clients have asked John to personally look after their highly valued Steinways worldwide: Across the South of France, Stellenbosch nr Cape Town, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Jerez and Petra Jordan, Malta, Chester New Jersey, Belo Horizonte Brasil, Paris, Brussels, Monte Carlo, Manila Philippines, Auckland New Zealand, Cork Ireland, Scotland Wales, Northern Ireland, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) Czech Republic

Seminars and Technical Training

John possesses a passion for coaching. He attended personal coaching courses and qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy.

His other great interest is athletics, and for a time John qualified as a UK AAA's club coach in the 1500 and 3000 metres. For a number of years he coached young athletes at his athletics club.

At Steinway, from his early apprentice days, he took on the role of teaching what he had mastered, and passing the knowledge down to the incoming apprentices. He was made responsible for all the training of the London Steinway technicians. There are many technicians who have benefited from John's willingness to pass on his knowledge and skills unselfishly. Technicians now recognised for their high standards and their in-depth technical knowledge of the Steinway piano.

John conducted trainings and seminars for visiting technicians to Steinway London, and also presented regular seminars at Steinway Hall for the UK Piano Tuners Association  , which is now listed on the International Directory of Professional Associations

He was asked by Steinway Shanghai to survey all the pianos in the Beijing and China Conservatories of Music. During those visits John gave technical seminars to Chinese piano technicians. He was also asked to appraise the Steinway concert grand in the Forbidden City Concert Hall.

John is very proud of his long association with the Steinway family, the company and its staff worldwide. He believes the principals, standards and values of the Steinway legacy are a benchmark for all who aspire to acheive.